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Old Updates
June 2001 - January 2002

Gaze back into the annals of history...

...::: Old Updates/News :::...

01.17.02 - New Theme Up!
Check out $42 a Hint. Email me if anything's wrong.

01.16.02 - Wouldn't it be nice if I actually worked for a change?
It's taking way too long, I know. But on the bright side--next chapter of TQ is nearly ready to put out on the sites, and I'm working on--get this--an EarthBound fanfic! Yes, that old SNES RPG...that's also what the next theme is going to be...

01.04.02 - Shadow Changes Her Mind
I know, bad me, right? I know I said I'd have that new theme up by the day after new years, but I went and changed my mind even when I had the images and colors all planned out and ready to go. Silly me, huh? I'll have the new theme up soon but I won't give myself a deadline because I start back to school next week.

12.21.01 - Plans for Random
As I've switched my themes now at a slant, it's about time for a new one. Expect a new theme in the days following Christmas, possibly as late as the day after New Years, though I don't think it'll take that long.
In other news, the latest chapter of TQ is working its way past my betas and should be out after Christmas! Stay tuned!

12.17.01 - Semester Exams!
Read the title and feel sympathy. No, I'm just joking--I exempted my three hardest exams and the only really tough one I'll have to take is one the teacher's letting us use the book on.
In other news, that actually has to do with the site, I finished getting the background up on all the pages (Ooh, ahh) and I updated the 'Meet Random' page a bit!

12.16.01 - I have suddenly found myself in Space...
No, you're not seeing stars, I put a background up! It's not on all the pages yet, and I'll finish putting it up tomorrow. In other news, here are a couple of interesting tidbits I found from the CompuServe Anime and Manga forum:
-The Escaflowne Movie is set to come out in major cities in late January and nationwide in February.
-A casting call has gone out for English G Gundam voice actors! This is a cool series, but hard to find information on--basically a big Gundam version of street fighter or something like that. Sounds cool to me though.

12.7.01 - And After A Long Period of Quiet...
Shadow returns! With not much, actually. I'm updating my website at SCHOOL, believe it or not...anyway I just wanted to say that I got the first Cardcaptor Sakura graphic novel (issues #1-5 of the manga) and that's cool, and also that I'm writing more Trickster's Quest! I haven't gotten much input on the Escaflowne fanfic, Time and Dreams, but I'm working on it too. And on another GW fanfic for when Trickster's Quest is over and done...anyway I'm still alive!

11.25.01 - More Music
Just what the title says, more music in the music frame, so check it out. (It's all from Endless Duel, the GW Fighting Style Game for SNES.) I also added a link to my ML, the Zaibach ML (Escaflowne) to the frame, and took away the USA ribbon. I'm sorry if anyone finds this offensive, but I do still have the patriotic Duo banner on the splash page.

11.19.01 - I'm 'Antisocial!'
Update: New Theme went up ok...say hello to 'High on Moonlight!'
Er, ok, ignore that. Anyway we're not going to state in FFA Sr. Chapter Conducting so I'll have more time to work on this now, er, I think.
Anyway, look for a new theme soon (LATER TODAY). This one oughta be pretty cool. Well, they all are, but you know what I mean. Or you should.
AND NOBODY HAS POSTED AT MY MESSAGE BOARD!!! I'm crying. Really. Please post, even if it's just a little stupid thing in the spamming forum.

11.12.01 - Prithee, reside awhile and partake of mine stories...
Burr. Ok, well, new chapter of TQ! Check it out on the Irinia page.

11.10.01 - Tornado of Activity
Well! Well well well. Lots of stuff happened, and here's a few things that happened, their effects, if any, and things you can look forward to:
-My school's football team is going to the playoffs! (No Effect)
-We got first in District for FFA (Future Farmers of America) Senior Chapter Conducting! (No Effect)
-I got Harvest Moon 3 (GBC)! (Mini-Help Section for HM3 Users - The Confused And Abused)
Other Stuff:
-A new chapter of TQ! Hopefully Soon...
-A new chapter of Time and Dreams! Long overdue.
Keep checking back for updates--this is going to be a busy time not only IRL for me, but online. Anything could happen.

10.26.01 - Wow...
THAT took a while. Anyway: new feature, the Random Message Board. It's mainly an RPG but if you wanna speak your piece, you can go and hang out in the main forum and chat away with some friendly people. Don't worry, they won't bite!
(From now on, the link will be on the splash page and in the frame, but you can also get there by clicking here.)

10.13.01 - Curse you, FFN!
Lessens my viewer rate. Heh.
New chapter of Trickster's Quest. *pause* Like, wow, man!
So, like, y'know, go read it or somethin', I'm outta here.

10.11.01 - Small Update
Hey, just what the title says. A small update. New chapter of Time and Dreams, so if you like Escaflowne, go check it out.

10.09.01 - New Themes
Update: New theme went up nicely! ^_^
Previous Update: Are you observant? You mighta noticed that I ADDED something to the titlebar up there--it's because I'm going to change the theme of the page later today. Look for a new linking banner, a new front page, and new colors as well as style tags. And if you understood what ANY of that meant, go you. Anyway for now enjoy the Heero picture and banner, because later changes! And there'll also be a new page that shows the old frontbanners/linking banners, so you can use the old linking banners if you want. Yeah! Ok, well, that's about all. See you later. ^_^

10.08.01 - Happy...Thanksgiving?!
Well, to the Canadians anyway. (I'm American! Don't look at me!)
Updated the protection winamp skin again. It's got BETTER cursors now. Go see!

09.29.01 - The Shadow Returns
...alright, well, that took me long enough, for very sure. I said tomorrow and it takes me a week, natch. Well, in any case, Trickster's Quest is now posted on the Irinia page and there's a new chapter of Time and Dreams to boot!
In other news, I got my letter jacket. I can now look cool and scare off middle-schoolers at a glance. *tries to look imposing and fails* Ok, so my name has got kawaii pawprints around it on the back. I don't CARE! =P

09.24.01 - The Real Deal!
Yes it's here! My GW Fantasy AU fic has been RELEASED under the title Trickster's Quest! I hope you enjoy this fic--the prologue and first chapter have been released on the Irinia page so go there to see!
Update: ...well, the first chapter is too long and too large in size to stick on an entire page, so I'm having to chop it up...expect the fic on this page sometime tomorrow. (It is available on, though.)

09.23.01 - ANOTHER Fic?!
I'm crazy, I know. Yesterday I added a sneak preview of my next GW fic, but I've added the prologue of my new ESCAFLOWNE fanfic today. You can click here to go to the other fanfics page and find it!

09.22.01 - SNEAK PREVIEW!
You heard me right! Catch a sneak preview of my next fic, a GW Fantasy AU, by going to the GW Fanfics page and clicking on the link near the top of the page or by clicking here. Enjoy! ^_^
(In other news, I helped out at the local livestock show, and made breakfast burritos and hamburgers until I thought I was gonna die. Tiring, but fun.)

09.15.01 - Shadow Gets Dizzy
Last night I went to the local fair and rodeo. I rode lots of dizzyfying rides and nearly got sick, but didn't. (Yay!) Basically I had a great time...
Also, I added a ribbon to the frame. You can scroll down and see it if you can't straight off. If you have a Tripod web site, or just a web site, go to and get one for your OWN site. Just one little ribbon can make a difference. I also have a Gundam Wing and Anime Fans for Freedom banner on my splash page, which can be reached by clicking here if you're interested.
I also opened the Adopt-a-Duck page. You can adopt rubber ducks! C'mon, give 'em good homes. Click here to see.

09.12.01 - Life Goes On
I do not mean the above title in a mocking or mean way. If you are mourning for people you've lost, please disregard it. However, life went on for me...and I redid the 'protection' Winamp Skin (on the GW Downloads page). It's much better now (at least in my humble opinion.) If you like the HeeroxDuo relationship, give it a try.

Terrorist Attack on USA
Okay, well, first of all I'm not in a very cheery mood so...I'll get this over with. If any of you out there that actually visit my page haven't heard yet, this morning, two hijacked commercial planes intentionally hit both towers of the World Trade Center in New York City. The Center crumbled soon afterwards. Another plane hit the Pentagon in Washington DC. Other planes hit elsewhere, etc. The president is now thoughts on this...
First of all, I'd like to offer my deepest sympathies to people who have friends, etc, that worked in/around the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Even though I have doubts any of you would visit my website, I'm still thinking about you. Also, I have a friend whose parents were in Washington DC--I'm sorry for those of you who have friends/relatives working in/around the Pentagon as well.
Next I'd like to offer my sympathies to everyone in the armed forces, because I have a feeling that sooner or later you're going to go into battle. Maybe not for a while, but I have a feeling it'll be that way and if you're in them, please...just remember this.
Everyone stay calm. I'm thinking about you.

09.07.01 - Wow, see me gloat.
I added a new page. Awards, contests I've won, etc. Go see. I DEMAND...I mean *cough* wouldn't it be nice to go and see what I've won? *looks innocent*

09.05.01 - News Bulletin : Random Shadow killed by Homework
Court's decision is kept secret; schools thought to get off clean. X.X
Okay, well, despite the *awful* amount of *evil* homework I have, I've managed to break through and update...*sweats in terror upon hearing the words 'Algebra' or 'English'*
I'm now the Group Moderator/Leader of the Zaibach ML, a mailing list dedicated to Zaibach characters in Escaflowne! Folken, Dilandau, etc...and so far there's...
1 Member! Me! Wow! If you like Esca and the bad guys (>=D) then go and sign up. If we get enough members we'll get pics and fics flowing through it...
Also, 2 (yes, two) GW fics IN PROGRESS! Keep checking back for updates.

09.01.01 - Ooh?
For all of you slobs that sleep until 12 PM or so, today was the season premiere of Digimon Season 3.
*hears crickets chirp*
Okay, I know it's a juvenile series but I find it cute, so nyah. =P Anyway, I wrote out my thoughts about this, because I thought you might wanna see em.
Or whatever.
(In other news, I got another Escaflowne DVD, the 4th one. VERY nice indeed.)

08.26.01 - MSN
Ok, just one teensy small tiny update here...I now have MSN Messenger (again) (yay!) so if you people that visit my site have failed to contact me with AOL Instant Messenger or through email have MSN and have been itching for a chance or something--wow! Here it is! (ok, I think I've used all my sarcasm for the day, so I'm gonna hit the sack now. 'night)

08.20.01 - Er, ok, everything fixed NOW...
Okay, well, it appears that when I added new MIDIs to the jukebox, it messed up somehow -.-; that's fixed now. Also, I made some very very minor modifications to that Heero pic up there. Nothing much else to report, if you see any other major glitches/lost pages, please e-mail me.

08.19.01 - Spring Cleaning in August?
Well, it's something anyway. I'm moving around images and files as of now (4:04 PM, CST) and this might take a while. If something you're looking at/trying to download goes a bit wacky so to speak, i.e. vanishes, don't worry! Just try it again in a minute or so, I'll most likely have it moved by then.
Update: I'm done moving files. Everything should work now! I also added 3 new MIDIs to the music frame.
On a lighter note, I put up the Adoptions, Etc page. Be sure and check it out if you get the chance--and you're patient enough to wait for the images to load.

08.15.01 - Fanfic and More
The day before school starts, and I get Sniper done. If you've been reading it, you can catch the last chapter and the Epilogue on the fanfics page. I also added a new Winamp Skin (a shounen-ai one) to the GW Downloads page, and added a new MIDI (Hailfire Peaks Ice Side from Banjo-Tooie) to the music frame.

08.08.01 - Yaay! Music's done!!
Okay, after a good two days of tweaking JavaScript and frame configuration, I've managed to get the effect I was shooting for. ^__^;; You can now access the site with an optional 'music frame' that's tagged onto the bottom of the page, and you can switch music as you view the site. I'll add more MIDIs from time to time--there are 13 now. And by the way--on my browser, if you just click on the name of the song, it plays. The 'Play' button doesn't appear to do anything. I'm leaving it there in case this isn't the case on all browsers, but...*shrugs* (I use IE 5.)
Also - there are now two links below Heero's picture. You can use these to add or remove the music frame--or to break out of somebody else's frame.

08.07.01 - Affiliate? Bless you, Mitsugi!
I have my first affiliate! Yay! I'm also back from vacation and I have a major headache. (Some progress on the MIDI music thing. More news at later date.)

08.03.01 - Music Uproar
Okay, well, first off, I know I just changed the music (and I've changed it several times to boot) but it's because I really can't find just one I like. I found another one today, and one yesterday. So I'm on the lookout for some nice javascript that'll create a pop-up midi jukebox.
On a lighter note, I found Gundam Wing folders today when I was shopping for school supplies! *hugs her Duo folder possesively, then grabs the Heero one as well so they won't be lonely* ^__^;;

07.28.01 - Bye Bye Digital Monsters
Pretty big updates! I consolidated 'winamp skins' and 'wallpaper' under the GW section into the new downloads section, deleted the digimon section and moved all information from it into other fanfics, other downloads (new, this is where the MIDIs were moved) and other notebook. I also moved the disclaimer to the frame and changed the music. Whew!

07.25.01 - Chibis?
Okay, well, I added mine and my muse's favorite music titles (not the songs themselves) to the Meet Random page, plus I have a couple of things to announce...I'm redoing the Ryuuko winamp skin (the Gundam Wing one with Chibi Wufei) and I've got a Chibi-adoption center in the works...keep checking back for details!

07.24.01 - *yawn*
Okay, it's 1 AM and I'm making this quick! I put a new fanfic up in the GW Fanfics section (and yes I'm still working on The Sniper Project.) It's a humor fic. Go and see if you're curious.
Update at 12 Noon : I changed the colors a bit and made the Meet Random page a bit more fun to read.

07.21.01 - Just a day
Not much to report today, added a new link to the links section and updated the main page music (It's Fatal, Folken's Whistling, from the show Escaflowne. Very nice.)

07.14.01 - Picture day!
I added some banners to the links page that you can use to link to me. I also put another strip of Just Zelda, on the comics page, up. Check it out!

07.13.01 - Friday the 13th! Dun dun dun!
Heheh, I actually LIKE Friday the 13th. Don't know why!
Anyway, I added two chapters of The Sniper Project to the GW Fanfics page, a new one and one I originally forgot to add... ^.^;; Gomen!
I also fixed a couple of links on the links page.

07.07.01 - 0707!
Okay, that title made no sense. Heh. Well, I added the fanart and comics sections, check them out...and I added a new Gundam Wing winamp skin. Go me.
(It's 2:20 AM as I type this...I am seriously considering sleep...urgh...)

07.04.01 - Independance Day (Haven't Updated In Ages Day)
Oh. My. Gosh. I haven't updated in what seems like millenia...but check out the Other Fanfics page for my Escaflowne poem, plus the Gundam Wing wallpaper and winamp sections for one new item in each!
Oh, and Happy Fourth Of July to the Americans!

06.15.01 - Very Angsty Day
Not much to report today...I added chapter 4 of The Sniper Project to the Gundam fanfics section...sorry that I haven't done more, but a friend of the family died and I'm kinda rushed...

06.14.01 - I got Microsoft Word Day!
Yayy!!! I got Microsoft Word!!! ^.^ *dances around*
I also added the Gundam Pilot Height/Weight page. This is a page that has the Gundam Pilot's heights and weights in feet and pounds.

06.13.01 - Lucky Non-Friday Thirteenth Day
I added a couple more links to the links section. I also added a MIDI to the menu bar. I'm sorry about the big, unsightly media player, but I didn't want my guests to be unhappy and not be able to turn it off if it got annoying or such.

06.12.01 - Site Opening Day! Hurray!
I'm working on the next chapter of The Sniper Project, but it takes so long to get it ready for! I have to write it out in notepad, spell check it with my email program, then take it to notepad, html-ize it, and save it as an HTML file, check it one more time, then send it to FFN. But, I'm planning on getting Word in a few days, so let's see what happens when I do get it.

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