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Fanfics : Gundam Wing

Here's my GW Fanfics.

Click here to go to Irinia, the main page and information index for my GW Fantasy Fanfic, Trickster's Quest.

The Sniper Project
The Gundam Pilots meet a strange person...and then they start getting injured, one after another. Who is behind this crime? Is it the most obvious person? Surprising twists await, even after you're almost 100% sure who the person commiting the crimes really is!
Warnings: Shounen-ai/yaoi content (1+2, 3+4). Violence. Language. Reference to religion. Slight OOC.
Chapters: {1|2|3|4|5|6|7|Epilogue}

Hair Gel and Ice Cream
Trowa runs out of hair gel, and Duo wins a radio contest! Insanity ensues!
Warnings: None really.
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Update : Next Fanfic Info
Duo Maxwell has a slight problem--a mischievous demon. Sure, it's been sharing his body since he was a kid, but now it's acting up in the worst possible way--making him show his attractions towards Heero. It only gets worse when Duo and Heero get sent on a mission together! Can Duo survive, and will Heero get disgusted and walk away? COMING SOON!