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Other Fanfics

These fanfics can fall into any series and category.

Flying High Enough
Series: Escaflowne
Category: Poetry
Warnings: None. Just poetry. (Implied V/H Romance)
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Time and Dreams
Series: Escaflowne
Category: Romance/Action/Adventure
Descrip: A group of scientists from Earth have found their way to Gaea and are plotting to bring Folken back to life to achieve their goals. Can Van and Hitomi discover their true feelings for each other in the midst of chaos?
Warnings: V/H Fic.

Cooking with the Digidestined
Series: Digimon
Category: Humor
Descrip: The 02 Digidestined discover the perils of cooking.
Warnings: Nothing much to worry about here.
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I'll add more as I get them ready.