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First off, before we get to the actual links, if you want to link to me, either use a text link to [] or one of the two images below, linked to that url. Please don't link to individual pages. I don't require you to notify me if you're linking to random, but if you IM me or email me saying you did and give me a link to your site, I'll be glad to drop by your site and take a look! Affiliation, at this time, is pretty simple...I don't require anything, heck, anybody that'll take me on as an affiliate is pretty nice. If you want to affiliate for some reason, just IM me or message me and ask. I'll take a look at your site and come to a decision. That simple!

Here are my linking images:

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Now, to the links! All linked pages will appear in new windows.


My friend Mitsugi's site. It's really cool--she's got one heck of a Gundam Wing work-in-progress fanfic going on, and some other nice Gundam Wing fanfics, as well as some nifty art. Drop by for a look!

Normal Links

Because who can't use a good search engine?
More fanfics than anybody wants, or needs.

Nuklear Power
The home of 8-Bit Theater, which is one funny webcomic.

A cool manga-ish webcomic, but beware the use of l33t.

Why pay $13 for a strategy guide when you can get one here for free?

reidavidson's DeviantART page
I met her in real life--and there is some kickin' art here! Go check it out.

my (arcticdarkheart's) DeviantART page
That's right, my very own DeviantART page. I'll post stories on it.