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Writing - Original - Project Irinia

Irinia - a vast land, filled with wondrous creatures, bold adventurers, quests beyond all imagination. A land covered in forests, plains, dazzling mountains, brilliant ocean, and so much more. A land inhabited by dragons, elves, humans, and others--a land that will never be forgotten by those that visit.
Won't you visit?

Alright, first off, take note of this! Irinia is my creation and it may not be used in ANY FORM OR FASHION by ANYONE without prior consent from me. It doesn't hurt to ask. If I like what you do, I may even post it here for other people to see. See? Free publicity. If I find that anyone's been stealing anything related to Irinia, things will *not* be pretty. I can tell you that right now.

Well, actually, there's not anything here yet. Sorry. I need to make a new map, and write some short stories, but when I do, I'll post them here.