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random v9

Other Stuffs

Fairly Minor Stuff... [ 08.23.03,15.57 ]
I yelp and yelp about not updating in a month and then I go and do it again. I'm terrible, and awful, and everything else, but I just started back to school so no promises on quicker updates.
What you're really looking for is that I finally posted a piece of art. Go check it out.

Important Updates! [ 07.23.03,15.53 ]
First off, I want to extend apologies for not updating for nearly a month. I'll try to do better now, especially now that I'm home from camps and suchlike. First up is a really cool Harry Potter/Hogwarts fanfic being written by a friend of mine and a friend of hers. You can find it here. Also, said friend, Rei, drew a picture of one of my characters, Rune D'Saide. Go and check it out NOW! It's totally awesome! You can find it here. Last but still probably least, I've opened a page on DeviantART, where I'll post some of my stories and suchlike. It's located here. I'll also put that link in the links section.
I'm working on adding more features to the site--so check back!

Forgot Something [ 07.02.03,19:17 ]
I forgot to add the guestbook, but it's up now. Don't be afraid to sign it!

Alright, New Plan Here [ 07.01.03,23:16 ]
I decided to redo random. I wasn't happy with the old format, and I'd messed up a few things along the way. This one is easier to edit, and I'm happy with it. I've taken away a lot of the content and pages that were just slowing the side down. Here's random v9 : return to simplicity, and may it have a long and happy life.