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Writing - Fanfiction

Ah yes, the fanfics. Only my newest fanfics will be posted here, but I might post older ones if people actually want to read them. (If you're that curious, send me an email, and I'll post it. That simple.)

Take Note! All stories open in new windows.

New Fanfics

The Blade Dancer
Series: [Golden Sun] Rating: [PG-13] Category: [Romance/Action/Adventure]
Desc: Spoilers for Golden Sun: The Lost Age. Following the mysterious disappearance of Isaac, Mia learns swordplay and begins a search to find hima, along with a few friends. However, a strange adept may throw their quest astray...but is this adept far more than he seems to be?
Pairings: [Isaac/Mia, Jenna/Garet, mild Felix/Sheba]
[ Prologue | Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 ]

Old Fanfics

As of now, none of these are posted. If you're interested in reading one, send me an email, and I'll post it.

Trickster's Quest
Series: [Gundam Wing] Rating: [R] Category: [Fantasy/Action/Adventure]
Desc: AU. Prince Heero, the only living ruler of Marenia, is tossed into two quests: the first to save his country, and the second to save his friend. Along the way, he'll meet up with mages, dragonbounds, and much, much more.
Pairings: [WARNING: Shounen-ai.] [Heero/Duo, Trowa/Quatre, Wufei/Meiran]

The Sniper Project
Series: [Gundam Wing] Rating: [R] Category: [Action/Adventure/Suspense]
Desc: The Gundam Boys are being injured, one by one. Who is the sniper, and can they recover in time to save themselves, or will they die without a trace?
Pairings: [WARNING: Shounen-ai.] [Heero/Duo, Trowa/Quatre]

Hair Gel and Ice Cream
Series: [Gundam Wing] Rating: [PG] Category: [Comedy]
Desc: Trowa runs out of Hair Gel, and Duo wins a radio contest. Insanity is a given.
Pairings: [None]

The Journal of Marth
Series: [Super Smash Bros. Melee] Rating: [PG-13] Category: [Comedy]
Desc: Everybody's favorite bishounen, Marth, pens his thoughts for the world to see. Thoughts on Bowser, the meaning of life, and why Hylians are so good at Poker...
Pairings: [None]