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Other Stuffs

Other Stuffs - Wallpapers

In my time in the web design class at school, I did mess around with Photoshop a little. While I was bored, I managed to make a few wallpapers. They're nothing special, but somebody might like them (I guess).

Gundam Wing - 'my other vehicle...'
[ 800x600 | 1024x768 ]
Not much of a wallpaper. Has a picture of Wing Gundam Zero on it and says "My OTHER Vehicle is a, really, I'm not joking..."

Suikoden III - Futch
[ 800x600 ]
This is Futch the Dragon Knight as seen in Suikoden III. Just something I made one day when I was bored.

Suikoden III - Sarah
[ 800x600 ]
This is a wallpaper of Sarah from Suikoden III. Why her? I dunno. Another wallpaper I made when I was bored.