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Old Updates
June 2002 - August 2002

Gaze back into the annals of history...

...::: News and Updates :::...

Do different FF boys in front of updates mean something?
Yup, it's at-a-glance update classing. For more info, click here.

08.17.02 | Another Day, Another Zidane | E-mail
Indeed. Well, I'm overhauling the Links page, that's about all the new news. Oh, that and I start back to school on Monday...*sigh*.

08.08.02 | Ding-Dong, The Guide Is Dead | E-mail
Which Guide? The FFX Guide! Yup, it's dead folks, until I get enough enthusiasm to resurrect it.
I will someday.
In other news, am playing FF Tactics, and am going to borrow FF7, so I can see what all this Cloud, Aeris, Sephiroth biz is about. More later.

08.01.02 | Odd Sleeping Habits | E-mail
I went to take a nap at 5 PM yesterday, and woke up at 2 AM. Not only that, I then went back to bed at 3:30 AM, and managed to sleep until 8 AM...
Yes, indeed, odd sleeping habits. Think I must be sick.
Oh yes, new theme up as well. This one is called 'karma' after an attack of Tonberries, and features a Tonberry. The fonts I used in the main banner are Soul Reaver and Chasm (and Tahoma for tags.) Because of the massiveness of theme updates, this gets a Tidus tag!

07.31.02 | Unhealthy lazy freak... | E-mail
...I went to the dentist today and found out I have seven cavities. Grr.
In other news, I've got both images for the new theme, so once I find appropriate colors I'll get to work. Probably tomorrow.

07.27.02 | I AM A LAZY FREAK | E-mail
Yup, true. So true. Well, anyway, I'm back, and if I can get up off my lazy ass and work, there'll be a site theme change around here soon. And it will involve TONBERRIES. You have been warned.

07.15.02 | I definately suck. | E-mail
Yup. Well, anyways, I've changed the 'not much news' FF boy to Zidane from FF9 (just because he rocks! no offense to Irvine--Irvine rocks too!) and I also got the first graphic novel of Fushigi Yuugi. Which is fricken' awesome.
I also have a bit of news about GW, and TQ--(Trickster's Quest, my big 'project' fanfic)--It has recently come to my attention that...GW just isn't my fandom. Don't get me wrong, I love GW to death...but the GW Fandom just isn't for me,, TQ will get the rewrite it so richly needs (it has problems. I have LONG been aware of this. I will do my damndest to fix them as best I can) and possibly a sequel (since three or four people have said they wanted one, or said they were waiting for once, etc.) after TQ and (possibly) its sequel are over and done with though, GW is going on the back burner. Its section will be removed and its content shuffled into other sections to make room for my other obsessions: RPG games, and Fantasy Anime/Manga in general. GW will still be here, just not as prominently as it once was/is.
Also, I'm going to be gone for the next two and a half days, or thereabouts. Not that it matters (I update far more infreqently than that already.) But I like to inform people.
Update | New Crud
I'm sure that's an elegant way of putting it. Anyway, Irvine is now the 'updates' marker--as he's cooler than Kiros. IMHO. Anyways, I've also finally opened my 'Dropped Feathers' original writings site to the public, and a link can be found in the menu. Or you can use this one. Y'know, whatever.

07.08.02 | Well, I suck. | E-mail
It's true, you know, I haven't updated this thing in what, a week, and have no good excuse for not doing so. In addition, I didn't get anything at Shiai, but I really, really didn't expect to so that's ok.
Long live being lazy, but I have to go to the State FFA Convention this week. Durn. Well, at least I'll be doing something...

07.01.02 | Too Many Irvines | E-mail
Yes, too many, not enough big updates, in other words. Well, I saw (most of) Princess Mononoke this morning, and I have this to say: cool movie. VERY cool movie. Also, played FF9 for...a while ^_^; hee. Anyways, hopefully I'll have a guide update, and some reviews and crap, before long.

06.30.02 | And I Return! | E-mail
Yes, late, and with no good excuse other than I'm lazy. But I got FF9, and just beat FF8, so I'll be busy playing that. I have abused the FFX guide, but it's going to get worked on. Really!

06.23.02 | Mysteriously Absent | E-mail
Yes, I have been Mysteriously Absent. And, since I'm going to be gone for the next three days or so (to the Area II FFA Leadership Camp) don't expect anything then neither. Blah.
But, possibly a FFX guide update when I get back.

06.19.02 | New MIDI Choices | E-mail
New MIDI Choices, indeed, I've added over 20 new MIDIs to the jukebox (I think 23). They're all from Final Fantasy games...^_^;; yeah, someone slap me and tell me I'm obsessed, I don't think it'll do much good. Anyhoo, check 'em out if you use the music frame !

06.17.02 | See Squall Slash! | E-mail
Indeed, See Squall Slash! Slash, Squall, Slash! Squall Slashes Lots. Anywise, as you can tell if you're paying attention, Squall denotes new art, and there's four pieces of it up in the appropriate section. So what're you waiting for?

06.16.02 | ABOUT BLOODY TIME | E-mail
Yes, it's about bloody time I updated this site! I have a couple of changes, which I'll try to (briefly) outline here:
- FFX Guide is being worked on, but I'm taking the Sphere Grid rundown out of each Chara's biography, as it takes up a lot of room and they're time-consuming, I plan on working them at camps and suchforth when I have more time (I have a sphere grid chart which I can work off of, thankfully), and posting this in one massive 'Sphere Grid Rundown' later on. So in other news, the guide is no longer stagnant.
- Am changing the news icons. Now, Irvine from FF8 (the guy with the cowboy hat and rifle) denotes a run-of-the-mill, nothing much changed update; Laguna from FF8 (the guy with blue shirt) denotes fanfic only updates, Squall from FF8 (the guy with the foonky-sword) denotes art-only updates, Tidus from FFX (the boy with the messy blond hair) denotes massive updates, and Kiros from FF8 (the guy with the weird braids and blades on his hands) denotes additions. Whoo,, daring of me. I'm adding these to this page, even the updates that have already been here, so keep a lookout, and of course when I'm done with that I'll post an addition with a Chibi-Kiros next to it =)
Update | Well...
Changed it. In fact, I just put all the old news stuff on the old updates page because it was about time to do that anyway. Oh, and as well, I realized this site's one year birthday has come and gone. >_< some observant web-moomba I am. Meep. Anywise, go me, or something to that effect.

General Disclaimer:
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