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Art (Mostly Original)

Sometimes when I get bored, I draw, and well, sometimes the results end up colored, and sometimes I manage to annoy people into scanning them for me if I can't do it myself ^_^; and the results sometimes end up here. So go ahead and look if you want to.

I redid this into a table, since I posted a few more pieces. Just click on the thumbnail for the full picture.

Thumbnail/Link Description
solos_dragonform.gif Solo's Dragonform
The dragon form of one of my RPG characters from a while back.
lynx_chibi.jpg Lynx Windthorne in Chibi Form
One of my characters, the immortal authoress Lynx Windthorne, in her Chibi form.
ryuu_chibi.jpg Dragon Boy
An original character of mine, a dragon boy. Part human, part dragon, all karate! The gi may not be correct, but it's close enough...^_^;; I actually drew this one while I was at the State Range and Pasture contest!
c_stagirl_sum.jpg Summoner Girl
A summoner girl summoning some kind of spirits. I kind of like this, but one of my friends said her staff looks like a broom...ugh.
ryuu_shi.jpg Dying Dragon
Something I scribbled in my reporter's notebook (which I got from an ag contest I went to for free, so I'm not complaining.) I colored it in class one day. Dunno who he got into a fight with...
cckitty_medi.jpg ChaCha Kitty, Medieval
Perhaps not really medieval, but in a dress. I think I drew this after I saw Escaflowne for the first time, never mind that she bears little resemblance to Merle. It didn't scan too well either, but it's well enough.
lilguy.jpg Lil' Guy
Just a lil' guy. The friend that scanned it for me named it that. ^_^; it's cute, it stuck. Everybody tells me this guy looks like Link. I guess that's my own fault. And I'm well aware he has white, glowy eyes...I have a reason for that, but can't think of it at the moment ^_^;
becky_battlements.jpg Rebecca "Becky" Jones, in the Dragon Provinces
This is one of my charas from an RPG I'm in that's set in my created world (Irinia). This scene took place when she flew up on top of a wall shortly after finding out she had wings. ^_^; Of course, this drawing mostly looks like crap, but I drew it in near-total-darkness (with only the light of a TV screen; we were watching a video in Chem at the end of school). Thus, the thick outlining. The wings are also off. -_-;

More will come eventually. Feel free to contact me about fanart, but depending on request or comment you may or may not get a reply quickly.