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Old Updates
January 2002 - June 2002

Gaze back into the annals of history...

...::: News and Updates :::...

05.24.02 | FFX Guide | E-mail
I'm putting up a FFX Guide, which I am writing myself. Check out the Final Fantasy page for a link. (Right now there's only a characters page, and even that's incomplete, but I'll be working on it more when I have time.)

05.22.02 | New Shtuff | E-mail
I updated my links page with links to a couple of my friend's pages and the art page with a few new pieces of art! Go check 'em out.

05.18.02 | And The Winner Is... | E-mail
SARIA! Also known as VeryCuteSaria, or ShadowSaria, or other things, a friend of mine! Thanks, Saria!
In other news, I got another Escaflowne DVD (the sixth) and Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland for PS2 today. I'm writing a review for HM: STH, which I'll put up soon. In addition, I have two new pieces of art that I'm going to put up. Stay tuned!

05.17.02 | 1000 Hits | E-mail
1000 hits indeed! Next person to see this should be the 1000th hit. If you see 1000 hits on the counter (in the frame on the left) email me or leave a message in my guestbook to recieve a free thankyou banner for helping me achieve this!
(If nobody claims this, the prize will be moved to 1010 hits, then 1100 hits, etc, until someone does claim it.)

05.15.02 | Site Theme | E-mail
Started putting up Rr! Meep! The newest site theme.
Update | It Is Done!
That's right, theme up. Check it out!

05.14.02 | New Section | E-mail
New section up! Go check out the Final Fantasy page(s) from the link above the main pic or from the sidebar. Only one page up now but there will be more. Look for a LotR page and new theme in a few days.

05.12.02 | I Am Still Alive | E-mail
Though I think I could have fooled more than a few people. Well, in any case, it's about time this place got a bit of a makeover, so it's new site theme time--Moomba! Coming soon. Check this space.

04.26.02 | Oooo... | E-mail
Someone nominated TQ for Shiai. Oh gee. Whoever you are, thanks I think. Now I guess all there is is seeing how good I do.
Here's to hoping, and thanks Willowbelle.

04.12.02 | It's Been A While... | E-mail
It has been a while, no? Well, finally got TQ up. Check it out on the Irinia page. In other news, check my journal to see what I'm doing. *motions towards frame* Go on, you know you want to.

03.20.02 | Problems and Shtuff | E-mail
All right, I finished TQ, and have posted the last chapter and epilogues at However, my computer went haywire right after I did that (actually, the phone line, has gone dead) and we're going to have to fix it. I don't have TQ on a disk or anything, so I can't post it here (I'm typing this at school) but I will have it posted soon. Until then, you can read it at FFN by searching the name 'ShadowOfShadows' to see my stories. I will have it here as soon as possible, sorry for any inconvenience.

03.06.02 | More Journal Stuff | E-mail
I have changed the location of my journal and the link below and in the frame have been correctly updated. GO SEE. I dare you.

03.04.02 | Journal | E-mail
Put up a journal. Go here to see it.

03.04.02 | Put Down the Torch! No, Really! | E-mail
New theme. Yes, put down the torch, if you harm my ringwraiths I WILL hurt you severely.
NO FUNNEL CAKE. Very sad, might just go to Canada and take my plushie stuffed tiger along for the ride. (Inside joke there, folks.)
No word yet on TQ. Meh. Also working on journal type thing, for ranting goodness. Go me.

03.03.02 | Funnel Cake | E-mail
Yeah, funnel cake, the yummy fairtime treat. San Angelo Stock Show very cold, also quite boring. I am quite unamused at goats now. Llamas, however, are cool!
(No offense to llama-haters.)
Anyways, Ringwraith theme mostly worked out, might start putting it up tonight--oh joys! Also, range season starting again. Heigh-ho, Sideoats Grama, away!
Ah yes, no news on TQ from two of my three betas; however the one that has read it liked it. Ya! I have also decided that Triple Triad (from FF8) is a Game Worth Mention. More on that later though.

03.01.02 | My Kingdom for a Scanner! | E-mail
Grr. No working scanners anywhere. That does it--Ringwraith Theme until further notice. Because Ringwraiths are cool. Don't let ANYBODY tell you they're not, especially not some weirdo guy named Fal Underhill.
In other news, got contacts. Go me. Also opened a new, AIM-based text RPG. Go me s'more.
Okay, I'm going now.

02.27.02 | Shadow Finally Updates | E-mail
Well, yes, I finally updated. News is I got contacts (go me) but couldn't get colored ones (@#$%!) oh well. Also, going to San Angelo Stock Show + Rodeo this weekend. Will not be gone all the time but whatever.
In yet other news, I really want a Ringwraith as a pet and I don't care what anybody says so nyah. Waiting on scanning a pic for the next theme but if it takes too long I'll do something else. Bye for now.

02.14.02 | Valentines Day | E-mail
Ah yes, the day of evil is upon us. I hope that if you enjoy this holiday, you find it, er, nice, you know, hug your loved ones, eat chocolate, etcetera. Meanwhile I'm going to go read the newest chapter of Bridlewood Manor at MitsuGallery and hide under a card table like the poor, pitiful unloved authoress I am. Well, okay, whatever, you know.

02.13.02 | Eve of the Evil Day | E-mail
Hullo once 'gain. Yes, Valentines Day is quite evil, only good thing about it if you ask me is the chocolate.
In other news, I went to the San Antonio Stock Show/Rodeo this weekend. It was rather nice except I didn't get a funnel cake, which is one of my favorite fair foods ever. I guess there's always next year. Also checked out The Dark is Rising sequence to read again for some reason, am also reading Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, His Dark Materials, and Lord of the Rings. I think I'm about done up for reading, haha.
Also, new theme coming soon. I'm starting to get tired of this one for some odd reason I just can't place. Anyway expect Kero-chan, Clow Cards, or something from Gundam Wing. I'd put up a poll but I don't get enough people here to make that of much use so instead I'll flip a coin for the series and flip coins until further needed, etc. Also last chapter of TQ and epilogues is out with my betas. After that, well, who knows what kinda fic I'll throw at you. Maybe I'll take another stab at my Escaflowne one.

02.04.02 | Anime Review | E-mail
I got the first, original uncut Japanese version Cardcaptor Sakura DVD yesterday, as well as the third graphic novel, issues 11-14 of the manga. I'm writing a review for Cardcaptor Sakura, and I'll post it in the other notebook when I'm done. I'll add a note here saying I did. Keep your eyes peeled!
Update | Review Up
The review's up, so go check it out.

01.31.02 | TQ | E-mail
Cool! Second update in the new format. No obvious complaints yet.
In other news, new chapter of TQ...soon. Real soon. REALLY REALLY SOON. Like, today or tomorrow soon. Isn't that cool? Ok, I'll leave now...
Update | TQ Released
That's right, new chapter of TQ up. Check it out on the Irinia page.

01.30.02 | Something New | E-mail
I did change something. New update format, and page of old updates to boot. Go me.
The kawaii little dude that will guard my updates from danger from this day forward is Isaac. He's from the GBA game Golden Sun, which I got for my birthday (the 25th of January.) Very cool game. Get it if at all possible.

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