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Flying High Enough


Flying, flying

Ever higher

Can I reach her?

I wonder so


Circling higher

Looking forward

Looking up

At sky so blue


Spread my wings

And circle higher

Still too low

To reach her now


Please I beg you

Send me forward

To that distant

Mystic Moon




Looking up

Oh where is he?

I wish he were

Up in the sky


Swooping down

With wings so white

Brilliantly shining

Bravely too


Wheeling whispering

Whirling wishing

Is he there?

Is it just I…


Then amidst the

Swirling white light

Here he comes

Is it for me?




Now I see her

Is my flight over?

I have flown

Just high enough


Now I stand here

Looking at her

And there’s only

One thing to do




And as he takes my

Hand in his

I feel so happy,

Once again


I feel as if I’m

Going home now

Or am I really?

Time will tell…