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If you're reading this page, you're either interested in shounen-ai yaoi, curious, or you just want some clarification. Well, I'm here to help, so here goes.

Shounen-ai is defined, by most authors/artists in the anime genre, as simple affection or a relationship that isn't as 'physical' as yaoi. Shounen-ai literally means "boy-love." This usually includes kissing and hugging, but that's about it; however, an author or artist may make their own conclusions on this. What I've described is simply what I've found to be an average of sorts.

Yaoi is usually meant as a more serious type of relationship between males; usually in a more physical type of relationship. (In other words, they aren't just kissing and hugging anymore.) As a result, these stories/pictures are more unacceptable to some than shounen-ai. In the yaoi section itself, stories are often tagged as 'citrus' which can again be divided into 'lime' and 'lemon.' The difference between these two is that they both have sex taking place in the story; however lemon is much more graphically detailed. It's up to you whether or not you decide to read it.

All my fanfics have full disclaimers that mark everything. So don't worry too much about stumbling onto something you'd rather not see.

Don't think you like this? Please, feel free to leave. I'm not making you look at my page. And from this point on, if you see something you don't like, it's all your doing. I warned you, after all.

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