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Mood Music

This is just a list of songs that I listened to when writing. I tried to list every one and I recommend them all if you have a file sharing program or anything of the sort.

From "The Vision of Escaflowne"
Angel - Aoi Hitomi - Arcadia - Ask The Owl
Blaze - Chain - Charm - Dance of Curse
Deja Blue - Epistle - Flying Dragon
Hikari no Naka e - Memory of Fanelia
Revenge - Shadow of Doubt - Sora
White Dove - Wings - Yakusoku wa Iranai

From "The Legend of Zelda : Majora's Mask"
Ancient Castle of Ikana - Clock Tower
Clock Town Days 1, 2, and 3
Final Hours - Ikana Valley - Stone Tower Temple
Stone Tower Temple Upside Down

Other Music
NOTE: These songs may not correlate as well, but I still listened to them.
Rhythm Generation - Summer Planet No. 1
Love Revolution - True Reflection - Burning
Drops of Jupiter
Smash Mouth
All Star
Hanging By a Moment
Initial D
Knights of Fire - No One Sleep In Tokyo
Gundam Wing
Just Communication - Rhythm Emotion
Last Impression - Snow Planet
Mind Education - Endless Love
Kitto OK! - It's So Alright
Ai wa Ryuusei
Three Doors Down
Be Like That - Kryptonite
Linkin Park
In The End - Forgotten - With You - Crawling

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