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Fanfic Information

Welcome to Irinia...

It's a time of danger and dangerous magical power is being reawakened. It's up to Heero Yuy of Marenia to try and stop his enemies and save the country he loves. He won't be alone; he's got friends along to help him and he'll make more along the way! As Heero confronts his enemies, his past, and himself, he'll help his country, his friends, and ultimately, the world.

Author: Random Shadow (Shadow~Of~Shadows at FFN, lonelyshadow42 on Yahoo!)

Estimated Rating: PG-13 or R (subject to change)

Warnings: Shounen-ai-Yaoi, mild lime hints at worst. Violence. Detailed descriptions of gory events.

Special Thanks To: Koishii Koibito, ShadowSaria, and Mitsugi. You guys are great, nothing else to it. ^_^

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