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Trickster's Quest - Prologue


On the planet of Irinia, peace is sought-after constantly, and rarely found.The picture of a perfect, peaceful kingdom lies vivid in the minds of the people of this majestic world, and sadly, few countries are cut to its mold, if any at all.

While a few countries may be out of the ordinary, they are perfectly peaceful; and likewise, a few countries have perfect government while remaining warlike and vicious.In this cycle of never-ending war, peace, and revolution, most countries seek to become a better place for their citizens.But just as there is always evil, there are always those that go against the grain, those that have governments that seek only to put money into their own pockets and not into the pockets of the people.

One of these countries is Zarisnia.

Zarisnia is a country consisting primarily of a desert climate.The government is an empire, that is, headed by an emperor, his council, and hordes of small tribesmasters, including a few that are of lesser royalty or nobility.This country seeks wealth and despite exports of precious jewels, fine metals, and rare cloth, the country has long been impoverished, for they are forced to import most of their food.The emperor seeks to conquer the northern countries and establish a command over a range of climates that would provide him with ample resources to become terribly rich.

The northern countries are primarily peaceful, and mostly allied together.The country of Marenia is a key player in the fight against Zarisnia.Despite numerous peace talks and trade deals, the uneasy peace between the two countries has been falling away like pieces of a rotten tapestry for year upon year.The two countries are literally at each otherís throats, Marenia the protagonist, Zarisnia, the antagonist.

The other countries ally mainly on the side of Marenia, for peace of the people and true and just leadership.Among them are the Sword Islands, the Hoshi Islands, Canai, and other various northern countries.

This is a world full of magic and magical creatures, and in a most dangerous time, Zarisnia has procured an asset that they believe will help them conquer Marenia for all time.

In the middle of it all is one young member of royalty in the country of Marenia.

Unbeknownst to him, a gigantic quest is unfolding before him.

Fortunately, he will not be alone.

This is his story.


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