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Gundam Wing Notes #2 : A Matter of Hair Gel.

Okay! This is just a cheerful little look into some theories on Trowa Barton's hair. If you don't know what's weird about Trowa's hair, go find another site. Now. O_o

-Hair Gel Theories-

First off, one of the most commonly asked questions is, how does he get it to stay UP?! Let's take a look at a few different methods of hair fixation...

Hair Gel - Whether classic stay or extra hold, this stuff is used a lot in real life. However, if it can't keep a spiky hairdo all through one day of school, do you really think he could pull it off with THAT hair?
Believability Factor: Low

Wire - One of my friends thinks he wires it in place. With a network, honeycombed system of wires, you might sustain sufficient holding power. It's an okay theory.
Believability Factor: Medium

Wallpaper Paste - Another theory of my friend's. But just think, it took fifteen coats of the stuff to get your papier mache project to stick together, so Trowa's hair? I don't think's far out...
Believability Factor: Low

Any Kind of Glue - This may be getting closer to the truth. Paste the bangs together, but then how do you get it to stay up? There's that gravity thing again! Still, this is one of the most believable theories out there.
Believability Factor: High

Cement - A new one I heard of recently. If you think about it, Trowa might be able to mask the gray dimness by coloring his hair, and this might make it spiky. Just make sure you don't use concrete, Tro...
Believability Factor: Medium

But despite fixation methods, this still doesn't explain how it remains in one spot. In this respect wire may be the most believable. However, this leads us to other conclusions. What if he pastes it, but uses wire to hold it in place? The world may never know about the mysterious hair of Trowa Barton.

Or maybe it's just Crazy Anime Hair. Heh.