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at camp

"Okay, well, to get this camp started, we're going to ask you to stand up and give your name and some kind of dream you have....just so we can get to know each other," the counselor said. I sat back in my chair as others stood up. There were the usual slew of people who said what kind of job they'd like, and a few who had other dreams, including one somewhat vapid girl that said all she wanted was a boyfriend. Finally it was my turn to stand up. I gave my name, in a slow, deliberate tone of voice, then launched into a great dramatic tone.
"I've always wanted to be a princess in a castle and have one of my suitors be a prince with blue eyes. And instead of fawning over me, he'd take me on adventures, because he'd think that 'princesses need to go on adventures too sometimes!'" I finished my short speech with a bat of my eyelashes, then sat down.
"Let me guess, you want to be an actress?" another kid asked me.
"Naw, I want to be a chef. But it's fun to fool people," I replied.