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long stories/serieses

"i used to read long stories. then they reconditioned me." ~Pilot No. 42137382

Here you'll find my current long stories and so forth...or descriptions of such, if nothing is up yet.

Freedom is a Lie
Cheerful title. Of course, it may not be true in today's world, but for Pilot No. 42137382, it is. However, when she comes in contact with the startling Random Factor Drive, she learns that lies can be realities and her dreams can come true before her eyes...but what will these fragile hopes do to the young pilot of a future where humans are bred for war?

Mai Sorceri
A future world, one that is surprisingly not technologically advanced...or is it? In striving to create perfect winged warriors for the Mai Sorceri, the powerful Sorcerer ruler of the world, a crew of mages creates one--with feelings, and a will to act on her own. Realizing her plight, she escapes into the world, trying desperately to hide the wings that will kill her. Her saving grace comes in the form of a strange creature--a gigantic dragon made of strange metal and blue crystal. The girl with wings and strange dragon escape to a remote part of the world, but startling secrets abound from local factions of the underground resistance to the Mai Sorceri--and from the Sorcerer's news heralds themselves, as it becomes apparent that the Mai Sorceri is out for blood--the blood of the winged girl. Can the girl, the dragon, and their friends among the faction stop the Mai Sorceri for good, or will they be crushed beneath a veil of magic?