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Awards, etc.

Well, here's where I'll stick any awards I win, and things such as that. Neat, huh?

Bridlewood Manor Quiz Question #1
Look! I won a prize! Well, not really. But I got my name mentioned on Mitsugi's website because I got her quiz question right! That's worth something, right? Okay, so maybe it's not. I get self-gratification for remembering something from history class. Anyway, I got it right! Yay, go me! Or something.
Click here to go to MitsuGallery

Christmas Cookie Challenge
This isn't really a prize either but it's an opportunity to get looked at. So nyah. But once again, on Mitsugi's site, she had a contest. In fact it's still going, but you had to bake cookies a certain way and so on so forth. Mine are up there! Click here to go to MitsuGallery and see.

Do you want to give me an award or something? Oh kind soul! Please! I beg of you! Just email me at and tell me and we'll get something worked out, I assure you. ^_^